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Acupuncture For Pets

August 15, 2021

August 30th is National Holistic Pet Day! Holistic veterinary care is a niche that is rapidly growing. It not only offers some wonderful benefits, it also works seamlessly with modern veterinary medicine. We often find that combining holistic techniques and products with high-tech options is highly effective. After all, it’s the best of both worlds! One thing that we are proud to offer is acupuncture. A New Orleans, LA vet discusses veterinary acupuncture below.


Acupuncture, as you may know, is an ancient practice that originated in the Far East. In fact, researchers have dated sharp bones and stones that seemed to be used for early acupuncture to around 6000 BCE. The practice as we know it seems to have started around 100 CE, in China. Of course, it’s taken a long time for acupuncture to take root here in the west. It began gaining popularity back in the 1800’s, but didn’t become widespread until the 20th century. In recent years, it’s become quite popular in the veterinary world, as its benefits have come to light.


Acupuncture is based around the use of very thin needles. These are inserted into the body at specific points. Eastern and Western medicine have different views on how and why this works. In the traditional Eastern school of thought, the needles are believed to manipulate the flow of Qi , or energy, through the body. (A good comparison would be the way wires and circuits conduct the flow of electricity through your home.) In Western medicine, it’s the insertion points themselves that are key. These are typically nerve centers. When stimulated by the needles, they reduce natural hormones and endorphins, which helps soothe pain, increase circulation, and aid healing.


Veterinary acupuncture offers some wonderful benefits. For one thing, the treatments are painless. Sessions can be repeated as needed, often with continued improvement. Pets don’t need to be shaved, and there are no known side effects. Your furry pal will not need to be medicated or put under. They also won’t require any specific aftercare, aside from perhaps a few ear scritches and maybe an extra nap. Of course, the biggest benefit is the fact that it helps pets feel better. We love seeing stiff, sore pets becoming more active and playful!

Do you think acupuncture may be right for your pet? Contact us, your New Orleans, LA animal hospital, today!

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