Our Careteam

Practice Manager
Roxane has always enjoyed working with the public, and she’s passionate about helping others live the best lives that they possibly can. Although she found herself working in the veterinary field completely by chance, she couldn’t be happier with her choice! Roxane is proud member of the Clearview Veterinary Hospital front-desk team, and also heads up the clinic’s Human Resources department.

Roxane is from Lafitte and first joined the Clearview Veterinary Hospital family in August of 2015. She’s been helping animal owners and their beloved companions ever since! She particularly likes developing one-on-one relationships with the area’s pet owners, and she loves solving problems for employees whenever she can. Roxane is also passionate about her work in Human Resources—she loves to interview potential new hires and complete employee evaluations, and especially likes attending seminars and other functions in the field.

At home, Roxane and her fiancé, Jordy, share their lives with an affectionate poodle who goes by Harley.
Veterinary Technician
Avery used to work at a doggie daycare, and loved to spend his time bettering the lives of customers’ four-legged friends. It wasn’t long before he realized that he wanted to learn even more about the care of our furry companions—when the opportunity arose for Avery to join the Clearview Veterinary Hospital team, he jumped at his chance!

Avery grew up in Marrero, Louisiana before moving to Lafayette for high school, and then attended Delgado Community College to earn a degree in computer electronics and service technology. After his time at the doggie daycare facility, Avery decided to take a leap of faith and enter the veterinary world to expand his knowledge and skillset—that’s when he joined the Clearview Veterinary Hospital family! He’s been a part of the team since March of 2018.

Outside of work, Avery enjoys attending Broadway plays, decorating for Christmas, catching his favorite movies and television shows, and spending time with his family and pets. He has two sibling rat terriers who live back in Lafayette with his mother, and their favorite pastimes are sleeping and eating.
Veterinary Technician
Ever since she can remember, Kayla has wanted to serve in the healthcare world to help improve the lives of others. Plus, she grew up around pets and always felt a pull toward the field of veterinary medicine. Kayla decided to look for employment in a vet’s office, and it was one of the best decisions she’s ever made! She’s a proud member of Clearview Veterinary Hospital’s Veterinary Technician team.

Kayla was born and raised in the Kenner and Metairie area, and first joined the Clearview Veterinary Hospital family team in the summer of 2016 after graduating from college. She started by working in the kennel, cleaning cages and walking the clinic’s boarding dogs, until an opportunity arose for her to move into a Technician position. Kayla was trained on the job, and continues to learn new things on a daily basis! She’s particularly fond of ultrasound work, assisting in surgeries, and drawing blood for sampling in the lab.

When she isn’t caring for the area’s pets here at the hospital, Kayla can be found practicing her baking skills, singing—she’s been singing since she was nine years old, and was even accepted into the Louisiana Baptist All-State Youth Choir!—and spending time with her pets at home. She has one dog and three cats of her own: Oliver, a quirky and loyal Jack Russell Terrier mix; an attention-seeking grey cat named Quincy; Donovan, a white-and-grey cat that likes to drown his stuffed toys in the water bowl; and a skittish Tuxedo who goes by Sylvester.
Veterinary Technician
Nikkie loves many things about the veterinary profession: problem solving, teamwork, continual learning opportunities, science and medicine… the list goes on and on. One thing is at the heart of her passion, though: pets, as well as the loving owners who care for them. Nikkie makes it her mission every day to better the lives of animal owners and their companions as Clearview Veterinary Hospital’s lead Veterinary Technician!

Nikkie is from Metairie, and first launched her animal-care career at a dude ranch in Tennessee before returning to Louisiana. She first heard about an open position here at Clearview Veterinary Hospital from her husband—the clinic’s very own Matt!—and was hired on as a relief worker after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Nikkie has been a member of the hospital family ever since; now, she’s Head Veterinary Technician!

Around the hospital, Nikkie enjoys surgical work, dental procedures, and helping nervous or anxious patients to feel more comfortable. Her favorite part of every shift is the comradery she feels with her team—for Nikkie, nothing beats getting to work around a group of compassionate animal lovers just like herself on a daily basis.

Nikkie’s interests outside of work include reading, drawing, writing, going on cruises, snorkeling—she’ll soon be SCUBA certified!—and spending quality time with her family. She and Matt have a son, Jacob.
When Matt first signed on as a member of the Clearview Veterinary Hospital team, he was looking forward to learning something new every day and being involved in an exciting, dynamic work environment. He didn’t know at the time that it would turn into a lifelong passion! Matt has been helping the area’s pets and animal parents live happier and healthier lives for more than 15 years.

A native of Metairie, Matt first saw an advertisement in the local newspaper for an open position in the hospital’s kennel. He joined the Clearview Veterinary Hospital family in May of 2004, and has been here ever since. Now, Matt enjoys helping clients one-on-one around the clinic, and he’s also fond of working on the hospital’s inventory needs.

Matt and his wife—Clearview Veterinary Hospital’s very own Nikkie!—have a son, Jacob.
Kennel Technician
Nikki’s connection with animals was palpable at a young age. She would constantly bring home stray pets she had found on the street, and her mother liked to joke that young Nikki preferred the company of animals to the other children in the neighborhood! As fate would have it, she would end up working hands-on with the earth’s creatures—Nikki is a proud member of the hospital’s kennel staff.

A Metairie native, Nikki wanted to rejoin the workforce after being a stay-at-home mother for six months. When she came across an advertisement for an opening here at the clinic, she knew that she had found her chance! Nikki is a Kennel Technician and loves to meet different animals and owners every day, and she also likes learning new things on a daily basis.

In her time away from work, Nikki likes practicing her photography skills—she even does photoshoots for families in her spare time!—and spending time at home with her fiancé, Ryan, and her two young sons. Matthew is three and will talk to anyone and everyone, and baby Zachary is already shaping up to be a momma’s boy. Koda the dog rounds out the family, and enjoys trying to sit on her parents’ laps despite her giant size.
Jennifer has always been a nurturing soul, and constantly tried to do everything in her power to help others—two- and four-legged alike. She gets the best of both worlds in her role here at Clearview Veterinary Hospital. Jennifer cares for children while being surrounded by adorable dogs and cats all day long; she’s a full-time nanny to Dr. Bennett’s children!

Jennifer grew up in Slidell, Louisiana and has been helping to raise children ever since she was young. She obtained her degree in sociology from the University of New Orleans in 2017, and became Dr. Bennett’s nanny in the summer of the following year—Jennifer has been a fixture here at Clearview Veterinary Hospital ever since!

When she isn’t working, Jennifer likes playing piano and guitar, singing—she even sang at her friends’ wedding while they walked down the aisle!—and spending time with her family. She loves to visit her parents in Slidell on a weekly basis, and also enjoys getting together with her brother and sister for dinner.

Kayle grew up in a small southern Louisiana town, where she spent time around animals of all shapes and sizes. She suspects that those early experiences with the earth’s creatures made a permanent impression—Kayle knew that she would love to help pets professionally as a member of the veterinary world! She’s able to do just that here at Clearview Veterinary Hospital.

When the time came for Kayle to search for a new job opportunity, she knew that she wanted to do something rewarding and enjoyable while making a lasting difference at the same time. She jumped at the chance to become a member of the Clearview Veterinary Hospital family! Kayle joined the team in early 2019, and serves as a Kennel Technician and front-desk receptionist.

Most of Kayle’s free time away from the office is spent with her young daughter. Together, they love to go for walks and visit the park in the afternoons. The family shares their lives with two dogs: Piper, the mischievous one of the bunch, and the sweet-hearted Rose.
Kennel Technician
Ashley didn’t always know that she would wind up in the veterinary profession, although she’s adored animals all her life. When she came across an opening here at Clearview Veterinary Hospital, she thought it would be a good way to help pets while exploring an exciting career path. What Ashley didn’t know at the time was just how rewarding her work would turn out to be! She’s a proud member of the clinic’s kennel team.

Ashley is a New Orleans native and joined the team here at Clearview Veterinary Hospital in May of 2019. She cares for the dogs and cats boarding with the clinic, and she also likes jumping in to help in all areas of the hospital when needed. Ashley is particularly fond of grooming canine visitors, and she loves that she gets to interact with a variety of pet personalities every single day.

When she’s not at work, Ashley likes spending time with her family and boyfriend, Matthew, and continuing to improve her cooking skills.
Kennel Technician