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5 Warning Signs of Pain in Pets

September 1, 2019

September is Animal Pain Awareness Month! Part of being a good pet owner is monitoring your furry friend’s health and seeking veterinary care if and when you notice any issues. Of course, Fluffy and Fido can’t tell you if something is wrong, so it’s up to you to watch for red flags. A Metairie, LA vet lists a few things to look for in this article.


Limping is, of course, an obvious sign of injury. It’s also often an indication of arthritic pain. At first, your pet may only limp briefly, usually when they first get up. That limp may go away once they get warmed up and moving. Over time, however, the limp will worsen.

Reduced Interest In Play

It’s normal for pets to gradually become less playful as they age. However, if you notice a sudden decline in your furry pal’s interest in toys and playtime, it could mean something is wrong.


Does your pet sometimes flinch or shy away when you touch a certain area? That’s often an indication of pain or soreness in that spot.


Pets often try to mask signs of illness. However, just like people, they usually aren’t very sociable when they don’t feel well. Your four-legged friend may withdraw and spend time alone rather than interacting with you.

Lack Of Appetite

It’s almost always a red flag when an animal loses interest in food. Even the most finicky cat will meow for something different if they just don’t like their dinner. You may also notice an increase or decrease in your pet’s water intake.


Being in pain probably won’t do much for your pet’s mood. Fido and Fluffy can get pretty grouchy when they don’t feel well. Cats may hiss, bite, or scratch unexpectedly, while dogs may back away or even snap.

Sleeping Too Much

While Fido and Fluffy do love their beauty rest, they shouldn’t spend all their time napping. If your furry buddy seems to be sleeping more than usual, he or she may be hurting.


If you notice your dog or cat continuously getting up and getting down, as if they just can’t get comfortable, your beloved pet could be hurting.

Do you know or suspect that your pet is in pain? Contact us, your Metairie, LA vet clinic, today! We are dedicated to offering great veterinary care!