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Grayish pitbull with chains

Pit Bull Awareness Month

October is Pit Bull Awareness Month! Jodi Preis of Bless the Bullys began the occasion back in 2007 to raise awareness of the fact that pit bulls can be beloved pets. A New Orleans, LA vet discusses the controversial breed…

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Two hairy dogs playing football on the game field

Football Season With Fido

Do you enjoy football? America’s favorite sport is ramping up for the year. Your canine buddy probably won’t react much if you repeat scores or stats, but that doesn’t mean he won’t enjoy getting in on the fun. A New…

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Brown adult dog hugs a sitting lady in gray dress

Disaster Prep For Older Pets

For those of us that live on the Gulf or the lower Eastern seaboard, the end of summer means hurricane season. Of course, hurricanes aren’t the only disaster to worry about: we are also vulnerable to floods, fires, and other…

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Black dog on a gardem with flowers

Garden Dangers For Dogs

One of the good things about living in Louisiana is that we can enjoy beautiful gardens all year long. Many of our canine patients also enjoy sunning themselves in pretty yards, or on balconies, terraces, and verandas. It’s important for…

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Group of rescue dogs eating around an older lady

Clear The Shelters Day

August is Clear The Shelters Month! One of the few bright spots of the pandemic was seeing shelters empty for the first time as people rushed out to adopt pets. We’d love to keep that trend going! A local New…

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Brown adult dog running on a shoreline biting on a stick

Keeping Your Pet Hydrated

Did you know that July is Pet Hydration Month? This is a very important topic, particularly in the hotter areas of the country … such as ours. One of the most important parts of keeping your furry best friend safe…

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Brown puppy on top of a blue water tank

Summer Puppy Care

Summer is officially upon us. If you’ve just adopted a puppy, you’re definitely in for some adorable moments. Little Fido is super cute at this stage of his life. He’s also super vulnerable, which means you’ll need to take extra…

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Brown adult dog running on a shoreline biting on a stick

Senior Pet Care Tips For Summer

As you’ve probably noticed, summer can get pretty hot around these parts. That scorching Louisiana weather can be very hard on pets, particularly those that are in their golden years. If you have an older dog or cat, you’ll want…

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Brown tabby cat with ears standing up hugs by a lady in teal blue long sleeve shirt

Adopting A Shelter Cat In Summer

June is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month! While there’s definitely never a bad time to adopt a shelter cat, shelters are often overloaded at this time of year with an influx of kittens. This is a purrfect time to adopt…

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Black dog facing a lady in white white on a boat

Boating With Fido

Do you enjoy boating? Whether you like heading out to the Gulf, boating in a lake, or cruising through the swamps or bayou, there’s a good chance that you’ll meet some boats with doggos on board while you’re out on…

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