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Kitty Care Tips For Apartment Dwellers

October 1, 2019

Do you and your feline friend live in an apartment? Cats are actually the purrfect roommates for people living in apartments. You don’t have to walk them, and they won’t keep your neighbors up at night. However, you’ll still need to take steps to keep your kitty happy and healthy. A New Orleans, LA vet lists some suggestions below.


Entertainment is just as important for kitties as it is for people! Offer your feline buddy lots of playthings to pounce on. Cats all have their own unique tastes. Give Fluffy a variety, and pay attention to what she likes best.


Never underestimate Fluffy’s ability to get herself into mischief! Make your home safe for your cat by doing some basic kittyproofing. Some of the things you’ll want to address are toxic plants; plastic bags and ties; small or sharp objects; and anything toxic, like chemicals and medicine. Ask your vet for more information.


Kitties are very curious, and they like to monitor what’s going on in their domains. Fluffy will spend a lot of time looking out the window. If you have blinds, she may make herself a little door. Roll the blinds up and get drapes instead. Just secure the cords, so your feline pal doesn’t get entangled in them. Also, make sure your windows and screens close securely.


Litterboxes are one of the reasons cats are such easy keepers. However, Fluffy’s powder room won’t do much for your décor, and it can really stink. Add some pet-safe plants to help with the smell. Check the ASPCA site here for suggestions. You may also want to camouflage the litterbox. (Tip: try upcycling an old end table into a litterbox holder.)

Veterinary Care

Indoor kitties need veterinary care too! Fluffy should be fixed, microchipped, and kept current on her exams and parasite control. Ask your vet to recommend an appointment schedule.


Always keep your kitty’s comfort and safety in mind. If you are going to be out after dark, leave a light on for your furry little friend. When it’s hot or cold out, keep the climate control running. You may also want to turn a TV or radio on for Fluffy when you leave her home alone.

Please contact us, your New Orleans, LA vet clinic, for all of your cat’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!