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7 Things Your Cat Doesn’t Care About

March 1, 2020

Cats are very interesting little pets, to say the least. They can be very loving and affectionate, and can form very strong bonds with their human buddies. However, there are some things that kitties really just couldn’t care less about. A New Orleans, LA vet lists a few of them below.

Your Privacy

Many kitties hate being separated from their humans, even for just a few minutes. Fluffy may follow you from room to room, and may even try to accompany you to the bathroom!

Your Knicknacks

One thing that we may never entirely figure out about kitties is why they can’t seem to resist smacking things off tables and counters. Many of our feline pals have inadvertently smashed glasses or small figurines this way!

Your Sleep

Cats take breakfast very seriously. If you’re still sleeping when your pet decides she is ready to eat, you may find yourself being woken up by your ‘hangry’ feline. Fluffy may paw at your face, walk on top of you, head-butt you, or just meow at you to let you know she wants breakfast.

Your Belongings

Kitties have a very strong instinctive need to scratch. We definitely recommend getting Fluffy a good scratching post! Otherwise, your furry friend will probably use your sofa or carpet as her nail-care station. Cats have a habit of sleeping on our computers, books, magazines, and, well, anything else they can fit into or on top of.

Her Dignity

Cats have a special way of keeping us laughing with their silly antics. Fluffy may look pretty silly when she’s batting at a fuzzy toy mouse or rolling around enjoying some catnip. However, she just can’t be bothered to care!

The Cost Of Her Furniture

Our feline companions can be finicky, but they don’t necessarily have expensive taste. It’s not uncommon for Fluffy to ignore an expensive piece of kitty furniture and sleep in a shoebox or paper grocery bag instead.

The Laws Of Physics

We’ve all seen videos of kitties performing rather impressive gymnastic stunts. Fluffy apparently never got the memo about how gravity is supposed to work! Cats are also able to sleep comfortably in positions usually associated with knots and pretzels.

Your cat may also not care about her veterinary appointments, but they are absolutely crucial to her health. Please contact us, your New Orleans, LA vet clinic, anytime!