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Beach Safety for Dogs

July 15, 2020

Are you planning to take your canine buddy to the beach soon? Many of our four-legged patients love the shore! Just be sure to put Fido’s health and safety first. A New Orleans, LA vet offers tips on taking your dog to the beach below.

Choosing The Beach

Some pups absolutely love swimming, and will happily bound into the waves. This is cute, but it can also be dangerous. Dogs are over their heads in pretty shallow water, and can easily get swept away in strong currents. Only take Fido to beaches that are approved for pets. This isn’t just a matter of public law or courtesy: dog beaches often have shallower incline and are protected from strong currents and wakes. 

Packing Fido’s Bag

Put a beach bag together for your canine buddy. Include towels, paw balm, water dishes, an umbrella, water, treats, a doggy lifejacket, and a pet first-aid kit. You may also want to add a tie-out line and a beach tent anchor. If your pooch has pale or thin fur, include sunscreen as well.

Paw Care

Just like human skin, dogs’ paws are very delicate, especially when they are wet. Your canine buddy could get painful blisters by running around on scorching sand. He could also cut his feet on broken glass or sharp shells or rocks. You can try putting boots on him, but not all pups will go for that. Use paw balm or wax to protect his feet.


Dogs can get hot and tired very quickly on the beach. Make sure your furry buddy always has fresh water. You may want to put his bowl on a towel, to help keep it from getting sandy. 

Time It Right

The beach is always hottest around the middle of the day. Take Fido to the shore in the morning, or later in the day, when it’s a bit cooler out.


Make sure that your four-legged pal knows basic obedience commands, like Sit , Stay , Come , Heel , and Lay Down . This is very important! That training can help you keep your pooch from running up to strangers or swimming out too far.


Rinse Fido off before you head home. You may also want to give him a good brushing later.

As your local New Orleans, LA pet hospital, we’re dedicated to helping you keep your furry pal healthy! Call us today!