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Fishing With Fido

May 1, 2021

D o you enjoy fishing? This part of Louisiana has many beautiful spots to pick from. Of course, many of our canine companions love spending time around the water with their humans. Fishing isn’t exactly the most dangerous thing you can do with your dog, but there are still hazards to be aware of. In this article, a New Orleans, LA vet discusses taking your pup fishing.

D  oggy Lifejacket

Man’s Best Friend should wear a doggy lifejacket any time that he’s near water. Fido isn’t off the hook if he’s a good swimmer, either. Boats can flip, currents can be treacherous, and even strong pups can tire quickly. Remember, dogs are over their heads in just a few feet of water!


Fido’s paw pads are very sensitive. He could easily burn them on hot tar or rocks, or cut them on sharp shells. Keep a close eye on the terrain, and use paw balm on those furry feet.


Make sure Fido always has fresh water. Consider getting a collapsible doggy bowl. Try not to let him slurp up water from rivers, lakes, or streams. It’s best to bring bottled water.


Some dogs take to water like furry four-legged ducks. Others are scared of water, and others are only interested in wading. Keep a close eye on your canine buddy, no matter which category he falls into. Never leave Fido unattended near water.


We’re not the only ones that enjoy Louisiana’s beautiful scenery. Don’t let your pet run around near places that could be housing things like snakes or gators. Better safe than sorry! 


Tackle and lines can both be very dangerous for Man’s Best Friend. Bring a first-aid kit and some wire cutters along, in case your pup steps on a hook or gets tangled up. Keep your tackle box closed, and be very careful when removing hooks from fish. Fido could be seriously injured if he were to swallow tackle! Even if it turns out to be something that can be removed, the surgery and expense are definitely not things you want to be faced with. 


Before taking Fido fishing, make sure he knows basic commands, like Sit, Stay, Come, and Heel. Leave it is also important. You don’t want him eating fish guts!

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