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Hug Your Cat Day

June 1, 2021

Hug Your Cat Day is June 4th! If there was ever a pet that was made to be hugged, it’s Fluffy. She’s soft, affectionate, and just the right size to fit into our arms. Hugging a cat isn’t exactly rocket science, but there are some things to keep in mind here. A New Orleans, LA veterinarian discusses hugging kitties below.

Kitten Hugs

Do you have a kitten? If so, you’ll need to hug her often. Cuddles make your tiny furball feel safe and loved. This will help a lot with bonding and socialization, which will in turn help little Fluffy grow into a friendly, affectionate adult. Besides, who can resist hugging kittens? 

Proper Hug Schedules

Timing is very important here. If you try to hug your feline pal while she’s more interested in pouncing on a catnip mouse, you probably won’t have much luck. Pick a time when Fluffy is feeling relaxed and lazy. (That shouldn’t be hard.)

Hug Techniques 

Never hold your furry buddy by her midsection. This can be dangerous, and can even cause internal injuries. Fluffy’s weight should be supported properly, by her bottom or back legs. She may put her paws on your arm or shoulders. That’s fine! 

Reasons To Hug Cats

Did you know that there are some great benefits to hugging your furry bff? You’ll relax, feel calmer, and even enjoy lower blood pressure and reduced chances of stroke and heart attack. Fluffy will also benefit. Cats love feeling loved, safe, and pampered. Hugs are great for that! Cuddle sessions also strengthen that special bond between you and your furball.

Senior Cats

Is Fluffy in her senior years? If so, be extra gentle, especially when putting her down. Make sure all four paws are touching down.

Fluffy’s Rules

Kitties can be a bit temperamental. Fluffy may demand attention one minute, and then run away when you want to pet her.  Mood swings are purr for the course with cats. Don’t try to force your furball to submit to being hugged. That may just get you scratched!! 

Aloof Cats

Not all cats are snuggle bugs. Some just prefer to be admired from a distance. Nothing wrong with that! Pamper your kitty with toys, treats, and catnip instead.

Does your kitty need to come in for an exam, and perhaps some extra hugs? Contact us, your New Orleans, LA veterinary clinic, today!