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7 Great Ways To Help Feral Cats

October 15, 2021

October 16th is National Feral Cat Day. There are, by some estimates, as many as 70 million feral cats in the US today. While cats are quite self-sufficient, they aren’t invulnerable to illness, injury, or disease. Sadly, feral kitties have a pretty rough life, and often live only a fraction of the time a well cared-for pet cat would. While no one person can save every homeless feline out there, there are things you can do to help. A New Orleans, LA vet lists some of them below. 

Get Your Cat Fixed

Kitty overpopulation is a huge part of the issue here. A single pair of cats can have as many as 11, 606, 077 descendants in just nine years! Even adding one unwanted litter into the mix may add to the problem. If Fluffy is still intact, talk to your vet about scheduling the procedure.

Support TNR Programs

Many organizations will trap and fix feral cats, and return them to the wild. These organizations help by reducing unwanted litters, helping curb overpopulation. 


Adoption would of course be an ideal solution, but unfortunately it doesn’t always work with feral cats. Cats that have been wild their whole lives don’t always adapt to being pets. That said, there have been many feral cats that are now beloved lapcats. It really just depends on the kitty. 

Provide Necessities 

Simply providing a cat with food, water, and veterinary care can make a huge difference. However, you will need to check local ordinances. This is illegal in some places, often out of concerns that the food will attract vermin. Ask your vet for advice on this.

Adopt A Barn Cat

Feral cats can make wonderful barn kitties. This can be a purrfect solution! Fluffy is a great hunter, and is often quite happy to clear barns and farms of mice and other vermin, in return for food, shelter, and, of course, veterinary care.

Spread The Word

When it comes to helping animals, raising awareness can make a huge difference. Share posts on social media about feral cats.

Every little bit counts!

Support Animal Welfare Organizations

Another option is to donate money or supplies to a rescue that helps these kitties. Or, better yet, try your hand at volunteering. 

Are you considering adopting a feral or stray cat? Contact us, your New Orleans, LA animal clinic, today!