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Doggy Holiday Stress Busters

November 30, 2021

Happy Holidays! This time of year can get pretty hectic. All that shopping, planning, decorating, cooking, and preparing can be quite stressful. Stress can also be an issue for our canine buddies around the holidays. Fido is definitely a creature of habit, and he can get distressed by things like schedule changes, noise, commotion, travel, visitors, and even decorations. Here, a New Orleans, LA vet lists some ways to keep that cute tail going over the holidays.


One of the best ways to help Fido deal with his doggy angst is to help him burn it off. Take time to walk and play with your pup every day. Your furry pal will naturally be calmer once he’s worked off all of those zoomies.

Comfy Crate

Used properly, crates can be wonderful tools for dogs. The key is to make Fido think of his crate as a cozy den, somewhere he can retreat to if he wants to feel safe. Adding comfy bedding and some toys to the crate will help with this. Training is crucial, too: you want to be sure to get this right, as otherwise you could end up making your canine friend dislike his crate. Ask your vet for advice on this.


Dogs tend to feel safest when they are kept on a steady schedule for walks, meals, and playtime. Try to keep Fido on his normal doggy schedule as much as you can. (Note: a few extra walks and play sessions wouldn’t be inappropriate.)

Pet-Calming Products

Does Fido sometimes get over-excited around visitors? You may want to ask your vet about using pet-calming products, such as collars or treats. This is also something to consider around New Year’s Eve, as so many pups get frightened by the noise and fireworks.

Comfy Bed

Man’s Best Friend likes being comfortable, just as we do. If Fido’s bed has seen better days, consider getting him a new one. This would be a great holiday gift!


Last but certainly not least, spend plenty of time with your canine pal. Let him sniff that giant inflatable Santa in the yard, and just offer him cuddles and ear scritches. Toys and treats also help Fido feel loved and safe. You don’t want to spoil your pet … but it is the holidays.

Seasons Greetings from your New Orleans, LA animal clinic. We’re here for you!