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Summer Puppy Care

July 1, 2022
Summer is officially upon us. If you’ve just adopted a puppy, you’re definitely in for some adorable moments. Little Fido is super cute at this stage of his life. He’s also super vulnerable, which means you’ll need to take extra care in that sweltering summer heat. A New Orleans, LA vet offers some summer puppy care tips below.


Training should be at the top of your agenda! Summer evenings can be a perfect time for working with your pooch! Socialization is also important. Consider hosting a puppy party. This is a cute way to introduce your furry friend to your friends and family.

Preventative Care

Making sure your canine companion is protected from dangerous parasites and diseases is very important. However, it may take a while before little Fido is fully covered, as vaccines and boosters need to be administered at certain intervals. For now, don’t let your fuzzy buddy play or interact with dogs that aren’t protected, as he could still be vulnerable.

Heat Exhaustion

Depending on little Fido’s age and coat type, a summer trim may be an option, though this isn’t right for all dogs. This is also the time to get your canine pal used to having his nails and teeth handled.

Heat Exposure

Heat is dangerous for any dog, but seniors and puppies are particularly susceptible. Any time that temperatures go above about 75, you’ll need to be extra vigilant. Give little Fido extra water on hot days, and drop some ice cubes into his bowl. Very young puppies can stay outside for an hour or two when temps are between about 60 and 85-ish, as long as they are supervised and have shade and water. When it’s above 90, your little buddy shouldn’t be out for more than 10 to 15 minutes.


As your canine buddy’s adult teeth come in, his mouth and gums will become quite sensitive and sore. One thing you can do is offer him a frozen dishcloth or washcloth to chew on. Just keep a close eye on him, and make sure he doesn’t choke. Kong toys are also very popular for pups. Put a yummy filling in, and freeze it. Peanut butter, squeezable cheese, water, sodium broth, and canned dog food are a few options. Ask your vet for specific advice. Contact us, your New Orleans, LA animal clinic, anytime. We’re here to help!