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7 Reasons To Keep Your Cat Indoors

October 15, 2022
When you adopt a cat, one of the things that you’ll have to decide is whether to keep your feline pal inside or let her wander. Fluffy does enjoy getting outside and partaking in fun kitty activities like refusing to come in when called and making pawprint art on your windshield. However, we strongly recommend keeping her indoors. Here, a New Orleans, LA vet lists some reasons to ground your adventurous pet.


Traffic is one of the biggest concerns. Autumn is particularly hazardous. For one thing, it’s getting dark early. Plus, there’s often a lot of extra traffic around Halloween. (Mardi Gras is also a dangerous time.)

Protect Wildlife

Did you know that cats kill billions of small animals every year? Fluffy’s hunting skills are a big part of the reason we made friends with her to begin with. However, many wildlife populations are under threat these days. Protecting them is the responsible move.

Wild/Stray Animals

Fluffy may think of herself as a lion, but she’s actually very small and vulnerable. Here in Louisiana, we definitely have our fair share of stray and wild dogs and cats. We’ve also got gators, snakes, and a whole slew of smaller critters that can seriously injure your pet.


Many kitties still earn their living as exterminators. Even housecats pride themselves on bringing their humans ‘presents’. Unfortunately, Fluffy’s hunting skills now sometimes work against her. Many people use rodenticides, which poison not only rodents, but the animals that eat them, such as cats, snakes, and owls.


In this part of the country, heat is a bigger issue than cold. However, overheating can be extremely dangerous for our feline friends! Storms are also an issue.


Toxins are also a big concern. Cats only need to walk through a patch of something to get sick, as they can ingest it simply by cleaning their paws.

Other Risks

Unfortunately, the dangers don’t stop there. Cats that go outdoors are also at greater risk of getting lost or injured. Older kitties can get confused, and may forget how to get home. Unfortunately, cruel and/or careless people can also pose a threat. Fluffy will also be more susceptible to viruses and parasites if she’s allowed to wander. Do you have questions about your cat’s health or care? Contact us, your New Orleans, LA animal clinic, today!