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Fluffy’s Holiday Plans

December 15, 2022
Season’s Greetings! Things can get hectic at this time of year, as our calendars fill with seasonal events and gatherings. Of course, most of our feline friends will just sleep through all those festivities. However, Fluffy does have a few things on her agenda, aside from keeping up with her rigorous daily napping schedule. A New Orleans, LA vet lists a few of them below.

Attack The Tree

First, we have a seasonal kitty favorite: the annual pillaging of the Christmas tree. Some cats go all-out, while others may just take a few halfhearted swaps at an ornament and call it a day. People with frisky cats may want to take a few precautions here. Be sure to get a sturdy base! You can also secure the treetop to the wall or ceiling with clear fishing line for added (but invisible) support. The way you decorate also matters. Only put a few things on the lower branches. Most of the decorations should go on the top third of the tree. The higher up the ornaments are, the more likely your pet will decide they’re out of paws’ reach.

Confiscate Boxes

There are some things we may just never know about cats. One of these would definitely be Fluffy’s obsession with boxes. Offer your feline overlord some of the empty ones after everyone has opened their gifts. (Tip: making a box castle is a great project for kids.) Suitcases also count! 

Play With New Toys

Playing is of course very fun for our furry friends, but it also provides great exercise and stimulation. Remember to fill Fluffy’s stocking!

Strike A Pose …

We always love seeing cute holiday photos of our feline buddies. Want to snap Fluffy’s photo in front of the Christmas tree? Get down on the floor so you can take the shot from your kitty’s eye level. Blurring the background may also help.

… Or Not

Of course, while kitties are always photogenic, they aren’t particularly cooperative. You may find Fluffy looking super cute, only to move as soon as you grab your camera. That’s just purr for the course! 


No matter what time of year it is, Fluffy will diligently keep up with those 42 daily naps. A new bed is a great holiday gift!  Happy Holidays from everyone here at Clearview Veterinary Hospital, your New Orleans, LA pet clinic. Contact us anytime!