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Tag Day

April 1, 2023

Today, April 1st, is usually known as April Fool’s Day. However, it’s also an important pet holiday: Every Day is Tag Day! Making sure that your beloved pet is wearing his ID tags is not only required by law, it could also become crucial if they ever get lost. A New Orleans, LA vet offers some advice on choosing pet tags in this article. 


Microchipping is crucial, and are definitely the gold standard when it comes to pet identification. However, tags are still very important. If your furry pal is ever lost, those tags are the quickest and easiest way for someone to be able to contact you! 


Some people don’t like to leave collars on their pets, because of the risk of Fido or Fluffy getting caught on something. Breakaway collars are a safe option for this. Of course, with some collars the tags would fall off with the collar, so you will still need to have your animal companion microchipped.


Remember to update your furry buddy’s tags any time you move or change your contact information. In addition to your name and number, we also recommend putting your pet’s name. It’s a good idea to mention a reward as well: that can be a great motivation for people to bring your four-legged friend back to you if they find him. 

GPS Tags

You may have noticed that tags have gotten some upgrades over the last few years. One thing we’re thrilled to see is the GPS-enabled tag. These offer real-time tracking, which can be tremendously beneficial if your furry best friend was to run off. However, these products do all work a bit differently. For instance, some use cell phone towers, while others operate on wi-fi.  Before buying one, you’ll want to do some research. Read reviews, and look up product information. You’ll also want to look at things like range and battery life.

Smart Tags

Smart tags are another modern option. These are equipped with QR codes. When photographed using a scanning app, the codes link to a customized website. That site may contain your contact information and any critical medical info. These don’t have to be either-or choices: you can get both a regular tag and a smart or GPS-one.  

Do you have questions about your canine pal’s health or care? Contact us, your local New Orleans, LA  animal clinic, anytime!