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7 Reasons To Microchip Your Pet

May 1, 2023

May is Chip Your Pet Month! This doesn’t mean feed your pet chips, of course: it’s an awareness campaign to encourage those who haven’t gotten their furry friends microchipped to go ahead and do so. A local New Orleans, LA vet lists some reasons to microchip your little buddy in this article. 

Invisible Lifeline 

ID tags are still both important and useful, not to mention required by law. However, they can easily be removed. Microchips are permanently ‘installed’ in your four-legged friend. In fact, if your pet were to get lost, that chip may be the only thing linking you together! 


Microchips don’t need any maintenance or upgrades. There won’t be anything else to do once you’ve gotten your furry best friend chipped and filled out your information for the database. (Note: we do recommend having your vet check the chip regularly, just to make sure that it hasn’t slipped or malfunctioned.) Remember to keep your records updated!

Legal Protection 

Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that microchips can be used to prove ownership in a court of law. While hopefully this isn’t something you’ll ever need, it could one day become crucial.


Microchips don’t utilize GPS technology, though that could happen at some point in the future. However, some products work with them. For instance, you can get a doggy door that works with Fido’s microchip. Food bowls also can be programmed to pair up with microchips. This can be helpful for those who have multiple pets with different dietary needs. 


Many chip manufacturers offer perks or features. These may range from phone trees to lost pet search tips to other resources. That extra support can be extremely helpful if your pet were to go missing. 

Quick Procedure 

Getting your pet microchipped won’t take long at all: the chips are injected beneath a pet’s skin via a hypodermic needle. For your furry pal, it’s very much like getting a shot. There’s no need for any aftercare, aside from maybe a yummy treat. 

Never Giving Up 

Chips have reunited many wayward pets with their worried humans. You may have seen stories about people who have found their beloved pets after months or even years. Some of these stories are absolute tear-jerkers!

Do you want to learn more about microchipping? Contact us, your New Orleans, LA animal clinic, today!