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Avoiding Jealousy in Cats

November 1, 2020

Do you have more than one feline buddy? Does Fluffy morph into a hissing ball of rage if she spots another kitty in her yard? Cats may be small, but they do have some pretty strong opinions about things. They can also get a bit envious and territorial about one another. Here, a New Orleans, LA vet offers some tips about soothing jealousy in cats.

Play Sessions

One thing that can help ease tensions between cats is to play with them together. This not only gives your pets a healthy way to work off any angst they feel, it also helps them burn off excess energy. Use a toy that you can control, like a wand toy. Be sure to give each kitty equal play time.

´╗┐ Pawsitive Vibes

You want your pets to associate good things with being together. Offer them toys, treats, and catnip when they are together. Fluffy and Mittens should both have separate food dishes, but it’s a good idea to feed them at the same time.

Kitty Accessories

Kitties often fight when they feel that they have to compete with each other for resources. Litterboxes are a good example of this. Most cats hate sharing bathrooms! We recommend having at least one box per feline, with at least one extra. This is also something to consider when buying pet furniture. If you get a new cat tower, choose one that can fit all of your furry pals at the same time.

´╗┐Purrsonal Taste

Cats are all very unique, and they have their own purrsonal preferences for things like toys, treats, and furniture. FOr example, some kitties love catnip, while others just don’t care for it. Offer your cute pets a variety of things, and pay attention to who likes what.

Avoid Punishment

It isn’t unusual for cats to bicker amongst themselves, especially when a new kitty is introduced into a home. Don’t punish your feline friends for squabbling. This will only make them even more resentful of each other! To break up the fight, do something that will startle your pets. Try making a loud noise, or clapping your hands. These incidents should diminish over time. Be patient! It can take up to a year for kitties to become friends.

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