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Clipping Your Dog's Claws

December 1, 2020

Does your canine buddy make clicking noises when he walks across the floor? If so, Fido may be due for a pawdicure. Overgrown nails are quite uncomfortable for dogs, and can actually strain their bones and joints. Of course, many people are uneasy about clapping their pets’ claws themselves. A New Orleans, LA vet offers a few tips on this below. 


Some dogs are very wary of getting their paws handled. One thing you can do that will make nail trims easier for both you and Fido is to work on desensitizing him. Start by teaching your pooch that he’ll get a yummy snack for giving you his foot. You’ll likely notice a slow but marked change in your canine pal’s opinion of having his paws handled. When he becomes more tolerant, start running the clippers over his claw. Don’t cut yet: this is just to get him used to the idea. Offer lots of ear scritches and compliments. When your furry friend seems to have accepted this, get him used to that telltale click. 

Making The Cut 

If you’ve never cut your pup’s nails before, ask your vet to demonstrate proper techniques. You don’t want to cut too far! If you do, you may cut the quick, which is where your pet’s nerves and blood vessels end. This can cause bleeding, and can even lead to infections. As you can imagine, it’s also quite painful for Fido. You may want to invest in a pair of clippers with sensors built in. Of course, you can also make an appointment to bring your four-legged friend in for a pawdicure. 


When training dogs, it’s important to reward them for behaving properly. Fido won’t be very impressed by a gold sticker on his report card, so you’ll want to give him something more tangible. (You probably know where we’re going with this.) Treats are a perfect way to reward your cute pet. Offer him something extra yummy for letting you handle, and eventually clip, his claws. 


You don’t have to do all four of your furry pal’s paws at once. Just do one at a time, and keep rotating. Pawdicures will seem more routine to Fido if they happen frequently, which will also help.

Do you need to make an appointment for your canine friend? Contact us, your local New Orleans, LA vet clinic, today!