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Kitty Curiosity

January 15, 2022

You probably know that our feline friends are known for their curiosity. Fluffy will stick her cute little nose into anything and everything! That inquisitive nature is the reason for the next pet holiday on our catlendar: Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day is January 22nd. A New Orleans, LA veterinarian discusses kitty curiosity below.

Human Map

We’ve learned a lot about Fluffy in recent years. However, researchers often find it difficult to research our feline pals, mostly because they often refuse to participate in studies. For anyone familiar with cats, that isn’t exactly a surprise. One recent finding is that cats seem to carry mental maps of their domains. These include a kitty version of moving icons, such as you’d see on a GPS app. The biggest icon? You! In fact, your furry friend may get confused and upset if she doesn’t know where you are.

Small Spaces

Fluffy’s whiskers are very cute, and are definitely part of her charms. However, they aren’t there just for show. You may notice that cats’ whiskers are usually about the width of their bodies. That helps them determine if they can fit into small spaces. (Note: obese kitties are the exception here.)


Have you ever found your drowsy little pet sleeping on your book or magazine, or even on your computer? Fluffy may be trying to learn through osmosis!

Instincts Kicking In

Here’s a cute trick to try with your furry pal. Toss one of her toys or a crumpled up-piece of paper down the hall or even just across the room. Chances are, Fluffy will run after it out of sheer curiosity, just to find out what it is.


It’s probably safe to say that if you put an empty box down before your feline buddy, she’ll immediately want to investigate it. This also holds true for paper bags, kitty tunnels, and even things like cupboards and closets. One way to keep Fluffy entertained and happy is to provide her with things that she can (safely) explore and investigate.

Bathroom Break-In

One kitty habit that is both cute and frustrating is the way Fluffy likes to follow her humans into the bathroom. If you lock your snoopy little pet out, you may even find a paw under the door!

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