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6 Reasons To Get Your Pet Fixed

February 1, 2022

Did you know that February is Beat The Heat Month? It’s also Prevent A Litter Month and Responsible Pet Ownership Month. If you were to put those three things in concentric circles, spaying and neutering would definitely fall into that middle overlap section. A New Orleans, LA vet lists some reasons to get your furry buddy fixed in this article.

Prevent Unwanted Litters

As you probably know, this is the biggest reason we recommend spaying and neutering. There are already far too many dogs and cats in shelters and on the streets! Puppies and kittens are adorable, but unfortunately there’s no way you can guarantee that your furry friend’s offspring—and their descendants—will always have good homes.

Enjoy Better Behavior

Getting your pet fixed will remove or at least greatly reduce their hormonal urges to find a mate. With that drive gone, Fluffy and Fido immediately become much calmer and better behaved. Pets that are fixed are less prone to aggressive behavior.

Health Benefits

Did you know that spay and neuter surgeries can reduce the risks of your pet developing certain medical problems? Females have a lower risk of uterine infections and cancers and breast tumors, while males will be spared testicular cancer and some prostate problems. Ask your vet for more information.

Lower Risk Of Runway Pets

Cats and dogs that have been fixed are also not interested in running off in search of love. That can greatly reduce the chances of Fluffy and Fido getting lost!

Less Mess!

Another bonus of getting your dog or cat fixed? They will be much less likely to spray. That is reason enough to schedule the procedure in and of itself!

No Caterwauling

Last but not least, cat owners will be spared the sounds of Fluffy’s amorous singing. Kitties singing love songs to attract a mate may sound cute in theory, but the reality sounds, well, terrible.


Pets can be fixed quite young, though the procedure can also be safely performed on adult pets. Your vet can help you determine when to schedule the appointment. It may be nerve-wracking to know your furry friend has to have an operation, but this is a very safe and routine procedure. Just follow aftercare instructions to the letter!

 Do you want to make an appointment for your pet? Contact us, your local New Orleans, LA animal clinic, today!