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Mardi Gras Safety For Dogs

March 1, 2022

Laissez les bon temps rouler! It’s Mardi Gras! As the good times start to roll, you’ll need to take some precautions to keep your canine companion safe. This can be a dangerous time of year for Man’s Best Friend! A local New Orleans, LA veterinarian offers a few tips on keeping Fido safe during Mardi Gras in this article.

Watch The Menu

Those mouthwatering foods are a big part of many Mardi Gras celebrations. However, things like gumbo, King Cake, and jambalaya often contain things that aren’t safe for dogs. Some dangerous foods include garlic and onions; scallions; grapes and raisins; avocado; meat on the bone; and chocolate. If you see any signs that your furry pal has ingested anything unsafe, don’t wait to see if things resolve. Contact your vet right away. If Fido has eaten something toxic, early treatment could make all the difference in the world! 

Beware Choking Hazards

Dogs love to investigate things, and they will often try to eat or chew anything in their path. Beads, buttons, King Cake babies, and many other party favors can be very dangerous for your beloved pet! These things can cause serious—and potentially fatal—issues if ingested.

Don’t Give Fido Booze

Alcohol is a huge part of many celebrations, but it isn’t safe for our canine buddies. Even small amounts can make your pup very sick. Keep the booze away from your four-legged friend!

Take Precautions

Make sure that Fido is microchipped and wearing ID tags, just to be on the safe side. You may even want to get your pooch a GPS collar. (Of course, these things are important all year round.)

Leave Fido Home

Parades can be fun, but they can be overwhelming for many of our furry buddies. The noise, crowds, commotion, and smells are probably going to be too much for Fido. Leave your canine pal at home! This goes double—no, triple—for timid or reactive pooches.

Choose Fido’s Outfit Carefully

We know, our furry companions can look super cute in costumes. However, beads, feathers, and other accessories can be choking hazards. Many costumes can be fire risks as well. Keep things simple, and don’t put Fido in anything that could be hot, constricting, dangerous, and/or uncomfortable.

As your local New Orleans, LA animal clinic, we hope you all have a wonderful Mardi Gras. Please feel free to contact us anytime!