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Caring For A Deaf Cat

February 15, 2022

Has your cat been diagnosed with hearing impairment? Are you considering adopting a deaf kitty? Fluffy can still have a wonderful and happy life, even if her ears don’t work quite right. You may find that, for the most part, caring for a deaf cat is very much like caring for any other kitty. However, there are a few things you’ll want to do a little differently. A New Orleans, LA vet lists some of them below.

Body Language

Kitties are very interactive, even if their communication doesn’t always make sense to us. If your feline pal does something she shouldn’t, wave your arms, or shake a towel in front of her. This will startle her, but won’t hurt her.


Fluffy won’t hear you if you call her, so you may want to train her to come to visual cues. Laser pointers can be helpful for this. You can also try flashing a light on and off. Putting a bell on your furry buddy’s collar may help you keep tabs on her whereabouts.


Fluffy will likely be quite sensitive to vibrations. To wake her up or get her attention, stomp your feet or gently move the cushion or bed she’s sleeping on.

Keep Kitty In

While we recommend keeping all cats indoors, this is absolutely crucial for deaf ones. Fluffy won’t be able to hear things like car horns or barking dogs, so going outdoors could be very dangerous for her.


Did you know that cats form mental ‘maps’ of their domains? (Fluffy also uses this to track your location, almost the way a car icon would show your progress on a GPS app.) As your feline friend ages, her eyesight may also become less acute. Setting out scent markers, such as air fresheners or safe plants, can help her with her mental ‘map.’


If Fluffy does something naughty, such as jumping on a counter, use a squirt bottle. This should get the point across without scaring or hurting her.


Like any other cat, Fluffy needs to feel loved and safe. Pay lots of attention to her, and take time to play with her daily. Petting and brushing your furry friend will also help keep that little motor going.

As your New Orleans, LA animal clinic, we’re dedicated to helping you keep your kitty happy and healthy. Contact us anytime!