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Boating With Fido

May 15, 2022
Do you enjoy boating? Whether you like heading out to the Gulf, boating in a lake, or cruising through the swamps or bayou, there’s a good chance that you’ll meet some boats with doggos on board while you’re out on the water. Fido loves to accompany his humans to various places, and he’s always up for an adventure! Just be sure to put your pup’s safety first. A New Orleans, LA vet offers some tips on this below.


This is one area where you really can’t be too careful. We recommend getting Fido a good doggy lifejacket, and making sure he wears it at all times when he’s on the water. Choose one with handles on the back: this can be super handy if you need to pick your furry pal out of the water.


Fido may have trouble getting traction on a moving boat deck. Paw balm or wax can help with this. You can also get some non-skid mats for your boat.


Fishing bait, tackle, and lures are definitely not things you want Fido messing with. Keep these out of paws’ reach!

Water, Water Everywhere

Always bring water along for your canine companion. Bring more than you think you would need: it’s better to have too much than too little.


Sooner or later, Fido will need to relieve himself. Ideally, you’ll want to stop regularly, so he can stretch his legs and do his business. Out for a longer trip? Bring pee pads or a small mat of artificial grass along. You’ll also need things to pick up with, so you don’t leave a mess.


Dogs can get sunburns, just like people can? Fido’s cute nose is particularly sensitive. Pups with pale or thin fur are also at risk. Ask your vet for sunscreen recommendations.


Not all dogs are natural swimmers. If Fido doesn’t know how to swim, take time to teach him. Don’t just toss him into the water. Take your time, and don’t force him to swim if he doesn’t want to.


One new gadget we’re happy to see is the GPS-enabled tag. You may want to consider getting a good waterproof one. If Fido falls off and no one notices immediately, this could be a lifesaver! Contact us, your New Orleans, LA veterinary hospital, for all your pet’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!