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Disaster Prep For Older Pets

September 1, 2022
For those of us that live on the Gulf or the lower Eastern seaboard, the end of summer means hurricane season. Of course, hurricanes aren’t the only disaster to worry about: we are also vulnerable to floods, fires, and other emergencies. Don’t forget your pet in your preparations! Here, a New Orleans, LA vet discusses disaster preparation for older pets.


You’ll want to get an emergency kit ready for your furry friend. You should include food, treats, toys, water, towels, dishes, and a first-aid kit. Fido will need a spare leash and a collar or harness. Fluffy should have a litterbox and litter.


If your pet takes medication, make sure you have at least a few weeks’ extra going into hurricane season. This applies to supplements and parasite control as well!


Older pets are often quite stiff and sore. If you have to take your four-legged friend to a hotel or shelter, they won’t be very comfortable on the floor. An inflatable dog bed can be a good option for Fido. You can pack a small bed for or a soft blanket for Fluffy.


If the electricity goes out, your furry bff may really struggle with the heat. Freezer packs and frozen towels can help with this. Pop some into the freezer before a storm rolls in. You can also get a cooling vest or cooling pad for Fido. In a pinch, you can also tie a wet bandana around your canine buddy’s neck.


We recommend that all pets be microchipped. Make sure that your records are correct and up to date! (Tip: try using the AAHA Universal Pet Microchip Lookup Tool here to check.) This doesn’t negate the need for ID tags, however, You may also want to get your furry pal a smart tag or a GPS-equipped collar.

Shelter Plans

Don’t wait until a storm is bearing down on us to have emergency plans in place. Print out a list of shelters and hotels that take pets. This may save you a lot of time later!


Keep copies of your pet’s vaccinations and medical records handy. You can also upload digital copies to the cloud, so you can access them from anywhere. Please reach out to us, your local New Orleans, LA animal clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help.