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Football Season With Fido

September 15, 2022
Do you enjoy football? America’s favorite sport is ramping up for the year. Your canine buddy probably won’t react much if you repeat scores or stats, but that doesn’t mean he won’t enjoy getting in on the fun. A New Orleans, LA vet discusses football season with Fido below.


One of the best ways to show support for your favorite team is of course by wearing their gear. If your pooch has thin enough fur, get him a cute Saints jersey or tee shirt. You can also get Fido a bandana.


Dogs know all sorts of cute tricks. Why not teach Fido to do something special when your team scores? You can teach him to spin in circles when someone yells Touchdown, or have him jump up on his back legs when you say Score.


Food is a big part of any watch party. Don’t forget to get Fido something special! Your pooch can have most types of plain, cooked meat, fish, or poultry, as long as you remove the skin, bones, or fat. Just don’t let him have anything fatty or greasy, or anything with bones.


Speaking of toys, why not get your pooch a doggy football? Those crisp autumn days are perfect for playing not just football, but also Fetch.

Gumbo Love

As you may know, the Saints don’t have a real dog mascot: we have Gumbo, a Saint Bernard played by a human. Adopting a Saint Bernard and naming it Gumbo would of course be the ultimate show of support, but that isn’t right for everyone. However, you can get Fido a stuffed Gumbo toy.

Support Animal Charity

Did you know that the Saints recently teamed up with a local rescue, Animal Rescue New Orleans (ARNO) for a doggy adoption event? This is a wonderful charity that has helped many pets find happily-ever-after homes. Donations are great, but you can also just spread the word on social media.


Are you hosting game night parties? Set down a few ground rules concerning Fido. First, ask that no one feed or discipline your canine buddy without checking. If anyone else is bringing their dog, make sure your pup’s guests are current on their vaccines and parasite control. Ideally, they should also be fixed. As your New Orleans, LA animal clinic, we’re dedicated to providing great care. Please contact us anytime!