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Bonding With A Rescue Dog

January 15, 2023

Have you recently adopted a rescue pup? We love seeing dogs getting a new lease on life. Everyone deserves a second chance! Going to a new home is a big deal for any pooch, but it can be particularly stressful for rescues, as they may feel very vulnerable and frightened in a new spot. A New Orleans, LA vet offers some advice on bonding with Fido in this article.

Ease In

Those first few days are extremely important. You’ll want to let your canine friend gradually get settled. Take him for a walk before you bring him home. Fido may also appreciate a safe, quiet spot where he can just relax. If you have a large house, set aside a room or section for him.

Give Fido Time

You may have heard of the 3/3/3 rule: it usually takes about three days for Fido to get the lay of the land in a new place, three weeks to settle in, and three months to really feel at home. However, all dogs are different: your pooch may need more or less time. Be patient!

Take Precautions

Fido may have quirks or phobias you don’t know about yet. Be diligent with petproofing! Also, be sure to get a sturdy leash, one that won’t snap if he gets spooked and tries to bolt.

Positive Reinforcement

Our canine pals are wonderful companions, but they aren’t perfect. If Fido misbehaves, be patient and firm. Never yell at or strike your furry pal: that will just scare him, and may make matters worse. Focus on rewarding good behavior. 


Snacks can go a long way towards winning Fido’s trust and making him feel safe. Just use small portions, so you don’t end up overfeeding your canine buddy. 


How do you tell when Fido is bonding to you? Happy dances and tail wags are definitely great signs! There are other clues. Your furry friend will want to keep a close eye on you and stay near you, even when off leash. You may also begin to see some protective behavior, such as barking when someone knocks at the door. If your pooch offers you his belly to rub, that’s also quite telling: dogs only do this when they feel safe and comfortable. 

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