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Celebrating Brown Dogs

February 1, 2023

Does your canine buddy have a brown coat? If so, you’ll want to do something special for him tomorrow. February 2nd is Brown Dog Day! A New Orleans, LA vet shines the spotlight on pups that are sporting brown coats in this article.


Quite a few breeds allow the color brown, including some very popular ones. These include the Labrador retriever, poodle, boxer, chihuahua, and American Staffordshire terrier. There are fluffy brown dogs, such as the Pomeranian and Shiba Inu, and sleek ones, like the Great Dane. Fido may also be a big dog, such as a German Shepherd or Mastiff, or small, like a Dachshund.

Brown Dog Names

Many people like to incorporate the color of their pets’ coats into their names. People with brown dogs can definitely have some fun with this! Chocolate and Cocoa are of course great choices. You can also name your furry friend Acorn, Walnut, Mushroom, Java, Coffee, or Snickers.

Famous Brown Dogs

Quite a few brown pups have become doggy celebrities. Some of the more famous ones include Hooch, from Turner and Hooch; Benji; and Lady, from Lady and The Tramp. Of course, the most beloved brown dog of all may be an animated one: that would be Scooby Doo, the scared-of-everything canine sleuth.


Did you know that Fido is actually the mascot of South Carolina? The state chose the Boykin Spaniel, one of the only breeds that is always brown, as its official doggy icon.

Brown Dog

The Brown Dog Affair was a bit of a ruckus that happened in England at the beginning of the 20th century, and may have been one of the first major movements about the importance of treating animals kindly. Medical students engaged in protests and riots on behalf of a little brown lab dog, who soon became the mascot for the cause. The pooch is commemorated in a statue by artist Nicola Hicks. The statue, erected in Battersea Park in 1985, is a replacement for an older statue, which was destroyed.


One thing we don’t want to celebrate about brown dogs? The tick that was named after them. The Brown Dog Tick is thought to be the most widespread of all the tick species. Be sure to keep up with Fido’s parasite control products!

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