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Mardi Gras Safety For Cats

February 15, 2023

New Orleans is about to get a bit wild: Mardi Gras is just around the corner. As people flock to parties and parades, our feline friends will also be taking note of the extra decorations and food. A New Orleans, LA vet offers some advice on keeping Fluffy safe and sound in this article.


Are you having a party? Set Fluffy up in a quiet back room with food, toys, bedding, and a litterbox, and let her sleep through the festivities. You may want to put a radio on for her to mask the noise. If people are sleeping over, have them keep their door closed, and just ask them to be mindful of your furry pal. You don’t want someone accidentally letting your kitty out!


Many of the typical Mardi Gras trappings are dangerous for cats. Beads, tinsel, and ribbons can choke or entangle playful pets. Smaller decorations, like tinsel and party favors, also pose choking and obstruction risks. The commotion, crowds, and increased traffic are also something to be concerned of. Not only is Fluffy at greater risk of being injured during festivities and parties, there’s also a chance that she could get frightened and run off, and not be able to find her way home. Even if you usually let your feline pal go out, we strongly recommend grounding her until the event is over.


We can’t really discuss Mardi Gras without mentioning that mouth-watering food. Many popular items, such as gumbo, jambalaya and king cakes, are toxic to kitties. Anything with garlic and onions is also unsafe, as are avocado, meat on the bone, grapes and raisins, chocolate, and raw dough. Alcohol is also a definite no!


Well, now that we have the warnings out of the way, it’s time for the fun stuff. Fluffy can join in the celebrations in her own way. You can get kitty collars made just for Mardi Gras, which look sufficiently bright and festive. Fluffy may also appreciate a new feather toy, or perhaps some shrimp. If you have kids, have them make a box castle, and then decorate it like a little float. This can make for some pretty adorable photos!

Laissez les bon temps rouler! Contact us here at Clearview Veterinary Hospital, your New Orleans, LA animal hospital, for all your kitty’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!