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Helping Your Pet Cope With Storms

June 15, 2023

Summers here in Louisiana can be scorching hot. Those steamy summer months also tend to bring a lot of storms. This helps a lot with cooling things off, but can be quite scary for pets. Many of our furry patients are terrified of storms. Here, a Metairie, LA vet lists some ways to help your four-legged friend cope.

Provide A Safe Place

Pets often feel safer in small, enclosed spaces. Make sure that your furry buddy always has a spot to retreat to. Crates can be very helpful for this with dogs. However, proper training and use are key. If Fido sees his crate as a safe den, you likely won’t even have to close the door.  As for Fluffy, she may appreciate a kitty condo, or even a box or paper bag.

Bring Pets In

Hopefully, this goes without saying, but we’ll note it anyway. Keep pets indoors when a thunderstorm is coming in!

Drown It Out

Turning a radio or TV on can help mask the sounds of thunder and rain. This alone can help quite a bit.


When you know there’s a storm coming, adjust your furry pal’s schedule a bit. Walk and/or play with Fido and Fluffy before the weather hits, so they’ll be calmer when the rain starts.

Calming Products

There are quite a few different pet-calming products on the market, from pheromones to sprays to weighted blankets. Ask your vet for product recommendations.


Another thing you can do is work on desensitization. Play a CD or app with storm sounds. Start it at a low volume, and then gradually increase the levels. The point is for Fido and Fluffy to become so used to the sounds that they consider them regular background noise. That said, this may not work for pets that have been through hurricanes. Ask your vet for advice.

Ye Olde Dryer Sheet Hack

This may sound odd, but running a dryer sheet over Fido and Fluffy’s fur may help. The reasoning is that this will remove static electricity, which could be a source of discomfort. Just use unscented, pet-safe brands, and don’t rub hard or do this too often. Dispose of the sheet properly after, and make sure Fido can’t eat it.

Please contact us for all your pet’s veterinary care needs. As your Metairie, LA animal clinic, we’re here to help!