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Tips For Stuffing A Kong Toy

July 1, 2023

Kongs are one of the most popular dog toys out there. They can keep Fido occupied for hours, offer a way for him to safely indulge his need to chew, and just brighten up his day. You can buy fillings for your furry friend’s toy at pet stores, but you can also use common everyday items. A Metairie, LA vet offers some insight on this below.

Fruits And Veggies

Quite a few fruits and veggies are safe for Fido. You can add apples, bananas, blackberries, blueberries, cantaloupe, carrots, celery, cucumbers, green beans, peas, spinach, strawberries, or watermelon. Cooked pumpkin and sweet potato are also fine. You can also add cauliflower and broccoli. Just don’t give too much of these veggies: they may upset your canine buddy’s tummy, and could make him a bit gassy.


Meat is Fido’s favorite food. You can add canned, shredded, or cooked meat, fish, or poultry. Just make sure it doesn’t contain skin, bones, or fat. You can also add pieces of kibble, crushed-up treats, or bacon bits. Just don’t go crazy with fatty foods, like bacon. Organ meat should also be limited.

Other Options

There are also quite a few softer things you can add. These include oatmeal, fat-free yogurt, peanut butter, apple sauce, and mashed bananas. If you want to freeze the Kong, you can use sodium-free broth or water. You’ll need to ‘plug’ the hole first. You can use peanut butter for this. Or, just put the Kong in a plastic bag for freezing. Remove the bag before handing it over to Fido. Condensed soup is an option, but you’ll need to check the ingredients to make sure everything is safe.

Unsafe Foods

It’s also important to know what you should never give Fido. That list includes garlic and onions; grapes, currants, and raisins; avocado; any fruit with seeds or pips; nuts; mushrooms; raw dough; alcohol; coffee; chocolate; and anything that contains xylitol and/or a lot of salt, sugar, or fat. Ask your vet for more information.


Choose a Kong that’s the right size for your canine friend. Fido could choke or get his tongue stuck in one that isn’t the appropriate size! If you have a puppy, remember to size up as he grows.

Do you have questions about your dog’s health or care? Contact us, your local Metairie, LA pet hospital, today!