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Adopting A Shelter Dog

October 15, 2023

October is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month! Quite a few of our canine patients were adopted from shelters. We think all pets deserve second chances. If you’re considering adopting a pooch, going to a shelter is a great place to find Fido. A New Orleans, LA vet offers a few tips on this below.

Choose The Right Dog

It’s always fun to see how different people gravitate to different dogs or breeds. There are also plenty of cases where Fido just makes a connection to someone, and pulls their heartstrings. There’s absolutely nothing wrong in going with the pooch you feel most drawn to, even if he is the opposite of what you thought you wanted. The important thing is choosing a dog that fits with your lifestyle and household. Consider your activity levels, other pets, and Fido’s size. If you’re renting, you may have a very hard time finding a place you can take a Great Dane to if you have to move.

Do Some Research

In some cases, shelters know quite a bit about the dogs in their care. However, there are also plenty of situations where they know very little. Shelters do assess pups, and generally test them to see if they would do well with cats, other dogs, and/or kids, but that isn’t going to tell you everything about Fido. Take time to get to know your potential pet. 

Get Everything Ready

You’ll need to do a few things before bringing your canine pal home. Petproofing is a must. That means addressing things like toxic plants, and putting any potentially hazardous objects, like small or sharp objects, in safe spots. If you have a yard, make sure your fencing is secure.

Be Patient

Don’t be surprised if Fido sleeps a lot at first. Being in a shelter is extremely traumatic for dogs, and your furry pal may need time to decompress. Those first few weeks are critical. Get your pup started on his new doggy routine for meals, walks, and playtime right away. If your pooch needs training, or perhaps just needs to work on his petiquette, focus on the positive. Lots of (small) treats can go a long way towards helping your four-legged buddy feel safe. You’ll have that tail going before you know it! 

Please feel free to contact us with questions or concerns about your pet’s health or care. As your local New Orleans, LA animal clinic, we are always here to help!