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Taking A Senior Cat To The Vet

November 1, 2023

Is your feline friend entering—or perhaps already in—her golden years? Cats usually age slowly and gracefully, but you will see some changes in your cute pet as she grows older. While her basic care needs won’t change, you’ll need to make some adjustments to her care regimen. For instance, she may need to come in to the clinic more often, especially if she develops medical problems. A New Orleans, LA vet offers some tips on bringing Fluffy to the doctor in this article.

Get A Hard-Shell Carrier

Soft shell carriers are convenient, attractive, and easy to store. However, Fluffy can get jostled in them: she may get accidentally bumped by a door, for instance. Hard carriers provide more protection, and are also safer for travel.

Make The Ride Comfy

Most of our feline pals are definitely not fans of car rides. Fluffy seems to think of cars as evil machines hurtling her towards certain doom. Add a soft blanket or towel to the carrier for her. If it’s hot or cold out, get the car to a comfortable temperature before bringing her out. Calming pheromones may also help. 

Bring Necessary Information

Have you noticed anything different about your kitty’s appearance, eating habits, or behavior? Are you seeing any changes in the contents of Fluffy’s litterbox? Make notes of anything unusual that you’ve spotted.

Be Gentle

For older cats, just being picked up and held can be uncomfortable for them. Be very careful when putting Fluffy into her carrier!

Time It Right

To be clear, there’s no way to guarantee that a clinic won’t be busy at a specific time, as emergency appointments can’t be predicted. That said, most clinics do have days and times that are slower than others. Try to shoot for a quiet time.  

Don’t Delay

As your feline companion ages, she’ll be at increased risk of developing various health conditions. Keep a close eye on Fluffy, and watch for signs that something is off. These may be quite subtle at first, as cats tend to try to hide symptoms. That means your furry friend may be quite ill before you notice anything off. If you do spot something unusual, such as fever, lethargy, or reduced appetite, don’t wait to see if the issue resolves. Make an appointment right away.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns about your senior cat. As your New Orleans, LA  pet clinic, we’re here to help!