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Holiday Gifts For Cats

December 1, 2023

Happy Holidays! This time of year can be quite hectic, with so many seasonal events and activities. You may very well find yourself with some extra shopping to do over the next few weeks. We may not be much help when it comes to picking gifts for your friends or family, but we can offer some suggestions on what to get your pets! A local New Orleans, LA vet lists a few great gifts for cats in this article.


Kitties are always cute, but they get extra adorable when they are enjoying their favorite plant. Fluffy hasn’t yet tired of playing with catnip mice—the classic kitty toy—but she may also enjoy other options. You can get your feline pal catnip bubbles, for instance. Or, get her an actual catnip plant.

Smart Toys

Technology has been moving forward at near lightning-speed over the past few decades, and it doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. Our feline pals apparently have some buddies (or infiltrators) in the tech sector, as there are all sorts of high-tech kitty toys available now. Fluffy may enjoy playing with a smart mouse, a remote-controlled snake, or an automated laser pointer.

Not-So-Smart Toys

As the saying says, there’s no accounting for taste. Some of our feline pals will enjoy modern playthings, but others still prefer their old-time favorites, such as balls or wand toys.


If there was ever a gift that was universally enjoyed by all of our furry friends, it’s a bed. It doesn’t matter if your pet has a bed, or three, or eight, already: it’s nice to have options.


Fluffy has a special talent of being able to get comfortable on just about anything. However, she really does appreciate some things that were made with her needs in mind. If your kitty doesn’t have anything of her own, take advantage of those sales and pick something up for her.


Our feline pals can be a bit finicky when it comes to treats. However, most of them do have a few favorites that they enjoy from time to time. Experiment with some different options. You can also try making your own. Just stick with safe ingredients, such as boneless meat, fish, or chicken; sodium-free broth; and plain yogurt.


Don’t forget about Fluffy’s box obsession! Give her some of the empties once everyone has opened their presents.

As your local New Orleans, LA veterinary clinic, we want to wish you all a wonderful holiday. Contact us anytime!