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Caring for Your Dog’s Paws

Dogs can learn some pretty cute tricks with their paws. Fido can Shake or Gimme Five , for instance. Your pet may also put his paw on your leg as a show of support, or as an adorable way of…

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How to Spoil a Senior Cat

As your cat ages, you’ll see some changes in her. Fluffy will slow down, and may become more cuddly than she once was. Read on as a local Metairie, LA vet offers tips on keeping an older kitty purring. Beds…

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Common Cat Care Mistakes

Kitties have tried very hard to make us think that they are completely independent, but that really isn’t the case. Fluffy is quite small and vulnerable, and needs lots of love and care to thrive! Here, a Metairie, LA vet…

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Thunderstorm Anxiety In Dogs

Does your dog turn into a shivering ball of nerves when he hears the sound of thunder? Many of our canine pals are terrified of storms! Read on for some tips from a local New Orleans, LA vet on helping…

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