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Lost Dog Awareness Day

April 23rd is Lost Dog Awareness Day. While we hope that our canine patients all stay safe and sound at home, this is one topic where an ounce of prevention can be worth several pounds of cure. As many as…

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Tag Day

Today, April 1st, is usually known as April Fool’s Day. However, it’s also an important pet holiday: Every Day is Tag Day! Making sure that your beloved pet is wearing his ID tags is not only required by law, it…

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Waterborne Diseases For Dogs 

We definitely have a lot of water here in Louisiana. We have 57 lakes, and countless miles of swamps and bayou. That makes for beautiful scenery, but there is a downside. Not only can waters hide dangerous critters such as…

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Keeping An Older Cat Content

Do you have a furry little retiree on your hands? Fluffy is officially considered a senior around age ten, but you probably won’t notice drastic changes happening quickly. In fact, many kitties are living well into their teens or even…

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Mardi Gras Safety For Cats

New Orleans is about to get a bit wild: Mardi Gras is just around the corner. As people flock to parties and parades, our feline friends will also be taking note of the extra decorations and food. A New Orleans,…

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Celebrating Brown Dogs

Does your canine buddy have a brown coat? If so, you’ll want to do something special for him tomorrow. February 2nd is Brown Dog Day! A New Orleans, LA vet shines the spotlight on pups that are sporting brown coats…

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Bonding With A Rescue Dog

Have you recently adopted a rescue pup? We love seeing dogs getting a new lease on life. Everyone deserves a second chance! Going to a new home is a big deal for any pooch, but it can be particularly stressful…

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New Year’s Day With Your Pet

Happy New Year! 2022 is now officially in the rear view mirror. As we sail ahead into 2023, this is a perfect time to revisit your pet’s care regimen, and perhaps put a few things on the agenda for the…

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Gray cat with a blue gift with red ribbons

Fluffy’s Holiday Plans

Season’s Greetings! Things can get hectic at this time of year, as our calendars fill with seasonal events and gatherings. Of course, most of our feline friends will just sleep through all those festivities. However, Fluffy does have a few…

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White dog with a lady wearing checkered sits in a car trunk

Holiday Hazards For Dogs

Happy Holidays! Many of us will be quite busy with seasonal preparations and events over the next few weeks. Your canine pal will be right there with you as you get ready for the year’s festivities. However, you’ll want to…

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