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Holidays With Fido

The holidays are coming up quick! This time of year can get pretty hectic. Your canine buddy will be right by your side—or at your feet—as you prepare for and enjoy seasonal traditions. Read on as a New Orleans, LA…

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7 Reasons To Be Thankful For Cats

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Many people are looking forward to spending time with their loved ones over some delicious seasonal food. This is also a great reminder to be thankful for the good things in your life. Cats…

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Adopt a Senior Pet

November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month! This is a cause that is near and dear to our hearts. Older pets are very sweet, loving, and loyal, but they face some very bleak odds when it comes to getting adopted….

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Everything You Need to Know About Hairballs

Do you own a cat? You’ve probably witnessed your feline friend cough up a hairball at least once or twice in your time together. It’s one of our cats’ least agreeable habits—how much do you really know about Fluffy’s hairballs?…

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Kitty Care Tips For Apartment Dwellers

Do you and your feline friend live in an apartment? Cats are actually the purrfect roommates for people living in apartments. You don’t have to walk them, and they won’t keep your neighbors up at night. However, you’ll still need…

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9 Ways to Beat Pet Odors

Pets have a special way of filling our lives and home with love. They also have a way of filling our homes with stinky odors. Sooner or later, all pet parents end up wrinkling their noses at some unpleasant scent….

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5 Warning Signs of Pain in Pets

September is Animal Pain Awareness Month! Part of being a good pet owner is monitoring your furry friend’s health and seeking veterinary care if and when you notice any issues. Of course, Fluffy and Fido can’t tell you if something…

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Taking Fluffy To The Vet

August 22nd is Take Your Cat To The Vet Day! We know, Fluffy would rather spend her time batting catnip mice under the couch than visiting us. However, even if your kitty doesn’t understand why she has to leave her…

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Cute Ways To Help Fido Stay Cool

The Dog Days of summer are closing in fast! This can be a tough time of year for our canine companions. Keeping your pup cool on hot days is very important. The most crucial thing here is to make sure…

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Keeping Your Pet Hydrated

Summer is here! One of the best ways to keep your pet safe and comfortable on those scorching days is to make sure that he or she is properly hydrated. A Metairie, LA vet offers a few tips on how…

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